Monday, July 24, 2017

Do you Step Up or Back Down? Martial Artists develop an Indomitable Spirit!

Instructor RJ LoPresti

So...Are you the type of person who steps up to a challenge, or do you back down?!

As a HapKiDo instructor I see tons of people on a daily basis who are faced with challenges of varying levels of significance, both on the mat as well as out in the "real" world.  These challenges range from struggles as simple as struggling to remember a technique in class to things serious such as losing a job or the death of a loved one.  It doesn't matter how serious the challenge is, it is important that we attack any challenge that stands between us and reaching our goals.  This is one of the countless reasons that I feel martial arts is so important, not just for kids but for adults as well.  HapKiDo Martial Arts teaches its students to have an indomitable spirit, meaning that nothing can hold us back. When an individual has an indomitable spirit they can achieve higher levels of success and reach their goals more easily because things that would stop most people are merely speed bumps to them.  
RJ LoPresti

In HapKiDo class, from the very beginning, a student is regularly presented with challenges that they are asked to overcome.  They start out easily, maybe remembering a set of techniques or kicking above their head, but as they progress they are presented with much more difficult tasks such as staying disciplined in their training over many years to achieve mastery of the art.  The act of overcoming these struggles teaches the student that if they stay focused and try hard, they can move past the obstacles in order to get to their goal.  

This may seem ordinary, and like nothing special, but a good Martial Arts instructor works with the students until they see that they are able to overcome the obstacles that are presented to them.  This is a simple yet important realization to give the student the mentality of stepping up instead of backing down.  There are so many areas of life that allow people to just back down from a challenge instead of pushing through.  So many parents and coaches see someone struggling and they swoop in to help them out, but what does this teach them?  By doing this they learn that if something is hard they can just sit back and wait, and someone will do it for them.  Unfortunately, the world doesn't really work like that.  

Having the "Step Up" attitude can positively effect many areas of life.  It will allow HapKiDoist to get good marks in school, it will help you gain the favor of peers and supervisors at work, and will be the gift that takes your life to a level that you are proud of.  When you are not afraid to step up to a challenge you will find that you have the capability to accomplish way more than you thought possible, and will be able to achieve successes that are far out of reach for anyone who backs down in the face of adversity.  

So the question you have to ask yourself is this....

Do you want more for yourself or your loved ones?  Then it is imperative that you learn how to step up to life's challenges, and not back down when things get tough. I love HapKiDo Martial Arts because it teaches people to have the indomitable spirit like nothing else I have ever seen!  Take a look at your life and honestly see what is holding you back.  Is it something you could overcome with a disciplined effort? I bet it is!

RJ LoPresti
Choe's HapKiDo