Thursday, September 11, 2014

A story of a Happy Martial Artist - How Martial Arts Classes help me achieve a true happiness

Martial Arts Classes in CummingHappiness, like all things, is a skill that you get better at with practice.  I get the feeling through many conversations I have with people that they view happiness as something that happens to them when certain external circumstances are in place, and that it is something that will just come to them and they can enjoy.  In my opinion, this is the wrong view about happiness.  Happiness is a skill, and your external circumstances only control your happiness if you let them.  It  takes hard work and effort to be skilled in the art of happiness, and it is not easy.  I believe that because being happy is not easy, so many people find excuses for why they are not happy, and they bury themselves in misery because they are not willing to put in the work to be happy.  They claim that they cannot be happy because they do not have a certain car, or that once they reach a certain status or pay level at work then they will be happy.  I think all those types of things are just excuses people make because they do not want to admit that the only thing they have to blame for not being happy is themselves.  Below I would like to talk about how I develop happiness, and then how being a martial artist has given me the skills I use to develop my happiness into a state of being that keeps a smile on my face and in my heart!

Working for Happiness:

Be Disciplined - Being happy takes a shift in the average person's thought process.  To some people thinking in a way that fosters happiness is natural, but I would say in today's society that is unfortunately not the norm.  If you wish to be happy, then you must discipline your mind to control your thoughts.  On a daily, moment to moment basis, you have to think positive yet realistic thoughts.  Express gratitude freely and often, for even the smallest almost insignificant things. One day be grateful that it is sunny, and the next be thankful for the rain.  Thank people for the things they do for you, and most importantly thank yourself.  In order to keep these kinds of thoughts, our minds have to be very disciplined and we have to have constant effort to stay positive, if we let our guard down even for a minute, things like the media and negative people will be quick to drag you down into the depressed thought pattern that is so common these days.  Guard your mind!

Martial Arts Classes Suwanee GaBe Physically Healthy - Your health can play a huge role in your happiness!  Workout on a regular basis and your body actually changes chemically to being happier!  Eat healthy foods, real foods, not all this processed junk that most of the world is eating.  The more natural the food the better it is for you, and the healthier it will make you.  Also, make sure you are getting enough sleep!  A lack of sleep will make you physically and mentally less healthy, leading to a greater risk of not being happy!  Exercise, eat healthy, stay active and work on the body you want to have, this alone could be the key to happiness for some people!

Be Around Happiness - Last but definitely not least, be around much as possible!  If you surround yourself with people who are negative, unhappy and not seeking to improve, then you are in the wrong place!  Get around people who are happy, and you will be happier.  There are a few ways to do this.  One is to find happy people and spend time with them, and another is to create happy people; there is a lot of joy in helping others be happy!  Helping people be happy and surrounding yourself with happy people will most assuredly increase your own happiness many times over :)

How Martial Arts Helped Me:

Martial Arts Classes teach people discipline, you learn to control your emotions and your thoughts.  Traditional Martial Arts Classes are based on respect and honor, and in the practice of these things you will develop the discipline that it takes to be happy.  

As I am sure you all know, martial arts classes are also an incredible workout.  Classes will get you in great shape and lead to a healthy lifestyle.  I have known many people who when they started martial arts they were overweight, smokers, and had an awful diet.  When they decided to become martial artists they made changes in the way they lived their lives, the results of which made them much happier!

Martial Arts Johns Creek

Another great benefit of taking Martial Arts is that in a martial arts school you are surrounded by people who are working on achieving the same things you are!  They are looking for happiness and peace, and will be excited to have you as a partner on their journey!  You will be able to be around people that are happy, and as a martial artist you will be able to help others find happiness as well!  

Martial arts teaches discipline, work ethic and an indomitable spirit, all of which will help you on the journey to being the happiest person you can be!  This new found happiness will improve your friendships, relationships with family and loved ones, and will give you a self culture that is much more conducive to a great life!

Strive on toward happiness!!

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