Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The very wonderfu HapKiDo history I have been lucky enough to enjoy

I started Martial Arts training at the age of 6, and it has been one of the most positive influences I have had in my life.  I am very lucky having had the opportunity to learn from some of the most amazing people not only in the Martial Arts world, but the teachers I have are world famous for so much more!

When I started Martial Arts as a kid, the only reason I had for wanting to do it was so I could be like a Power Ranger, but soon after I began training it became so much more to me.  It was an outlet for energy, a place to make quality friends that were positive influences, and a place where I could learn and develop into a constructive member of society.  HapKiDo quickly turned from a hobby that I did twice a week into a lifestyle that I practiced every second of every day.  I went from being someone who did Martial Arts into a Martial Artist, and once this happened I took off on the awesome and exciting journey of living a Black Belt life and haven't looked back since.  

Black Belt Life
Grandmaster Choe has taught me so much that it would be very difficult to express the depth of the knowledge that he has passed on to his students in this short blog.  Since I have started learning from Grandmaster Choe I have attended a yearly seminar taught by Grandmaster where I have been fortunate enough to learn areas of the Martial Arts that is only available to a select few people in the world.  The detail, precision and effectiveness of the techniques I have learned is mind blowing!  The physical techniques I learned at all of these events have been fun and developed me into a true Black Belt.  Also, Grandmaster Choe is the world's leading SaSang Acupuncture expert, and the knowledge on this topic that his students learn make what we do complete by not only learning the self defense of HapKiDo, but also how to live a healthier and happier life.  As a student of Chung Mu HapKiDo I am not only learning the awesome and effective martial art of HapKiDo, I am a complete Martial Artist who knows how to live a happier more fulfilled life and share this knowledge with others. 

karate successI feel very fortunate to have the privilege to learn from a TRUE martial arts Grandmaster.  Most of the time when I read about a Master in the Martial Arts they have mastered one area of a Martial Art.  Grandmaster Choe has mastered a wide variety of areas and he is passing all of that information along to the instructors of his schools!

I am constantly grateful to be a part of an origination that is lead by such a knowledgeable individual who is so willing to share!  Any student who is lucky enough to learn at a school under the tutelage of Grandmaster Choe is very lucky indeed!

RJ LoPresti