Thursday, June 2, 2011

Problems....And why we should be glad to have them

I recently re-listened to "Live with Passion" by Tony Robbins (a must listen for anyone who is ready to commit to having a life of a higher quality by the way) One of the topics that he covers is his interpretation of problems.  If you look at problems as a negative, then that is exactly what they will be.  We must take that "problem" and instead turn it into a challenge that provides us the chance to grow and become better humans.

A problem is a chance for us to see an area in our lives that we need to improve on.  If we look at it this way and put a disciplined effort into improving the situation we will become better and be able to prevent the problem from arising again, but if we get so caught up on the problem that we don't look for a solution then we will be stuck.  It is all about changing the meaning that you give to the situation, if you have a positive mental state and ask the right kind of questions to yourself you will be amazed with the results.  

A problem is just an adversity that is in the way of you accomplishing something.  To overcome this adversity we usually must go out of our comfort zone, and this creates uncertainty and fear.  This uncertainty and fear is the reason why problems are so difficult for people to handle.  All it takes to overcome this adversity is to have the courage to act in spite of the opposition.  This action that is out of your normal comfort zone is scary and difficult for most people, but when you go outside of your personal comfort zone, that zone actually expands and things that were at one point problems for you will now be simple for you to handle.

The courage to act in times of uncertainty and fear comes from having certainty.  It seems like common sense that if you are uncertain, becoming more certain will make you feel better.  The difficulty here is that sometimes there is no way to become more certain about the specific thing that you are uncertain about at that time.  When this is the case then the certainty has to come from you being certain in your purpose.  If you are certain with yourself, and strong with the faith in your purpose you will be able to generate the courage you need internally.  When you have certainty that originates internally then it is yours, you can use it at will, and it can be the most useful tool in overcome life's challenges. 

"The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world's problem."  
-Mohandas Gandhi