Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Difficulty of the Simple

Too many times these days I hear people tell me that "Life is difficult."  On a daily basis the "difficulties of life" come up in conversation, and we all gripe about how difficult our world is.  Just like everyone else, I find myself thinking these thoughts, but in reality it is not life that is difficult at all, it is only our minds that make it that way.  The way we think about things, perceive things, react to things; these are what make life complicated.  So if you think of life as difficult, then it is.  Of course life isn't always easy, things happen that are not favorable, and there is pain and suffering, but that is life; when we realize this life simplifies significantly.  When we go to the gym to exercise we are sore the next day, but this does not make us sad or upset it actually makes us happy because we know that the result of being sore is what we want.  So why is it that when we exercise life and are left a little "sore" we get so upset?  The "difficulties" and suffering are to be expected in life, so why let that affect your mental state?  When suffering arises just smile at it and keep moving; the result from that action will be a lot less "difficult" than getting upset at your current situation.  The wonderful thing about life is that a moment happens, than it is past.  This means that if you become upset, you can change that in an instant!  Your mental state is just a reflection of how YOU react to various stimuli.  Decide to be happy, each and every day, and enjoy the results.  Find happiness in the difficulties of life!!!

"If a problem can be solved, 
what reason is there to be upset?  
If there is no possible solution,