Monday, July 24, 2017

Do you Step Up or Back Down? Martial Artists develop an Indomitable Spirit!

Instructor RJ LoPresti

So...Are you the type of person who steps up to a challenge, or do you back down?!

As a HapKiDo instructor I see tons of people on a daily basis who are faced with challenges of varying levels of significance, both on the mat as well as out in the "real" world.  These challenges range from struggles as simple as struggling to remember a technique in class to things serious such as losing a job or the death of a loved one.  It doesn't matter how serious the challenge is, it is important that we attack any challenge that stands between us and reaching our goals.  This is one of the countless reasons that I feel martial arts is so important, not just for kids but for adults as well.  HapKiDo Martial Arts teaches its students to have an indomitable spirit, meaning that nothing can hold us back. When an individual has an indomitable spirit they can achieve higher levels of success and reach their goals more easily because things that would stop most people are merely speed bumps to them.  
RJ LoPresti

In HapKiDo class, from the very beginning, a student is regularly presented with challenges that they are asked to overcome.  They start out easily, maybe remembering a set of techniques or kicking above their head, but as they progress they are presented with much more difficult tasks such as staying disciplined in their training over many years to achieve mastery of the art.  The act of overcoming these struggles teaches the student that if they stay focused and try hard, they can move past the obstacles in order to get to their goal.  

This may seem ordinary, and like nothing special, but a good Martial Arts instructor works with the students until they see that they are able to overcome the obstacles that are presented to them.  This is a simple yet important realization to give the student the mentality of stepping up instead of backing down.  There are so many areas of life that allow people to just back down from a challenge instead of pushing through.  So many parents and coaches see someone struggling and they swoop in to help them out, but what does this teach them?  By doing this they learn that if something is hard they can just sit back and wait, and someone will do it for them.  Unfortunately, the world doesn't really work like that.  

Having the "Step Up" attitude can positively effect many areas of life.  It will allow HapKiDoist to get good marks in school, it will help you gain the favor of peers and supervisors at work, and will be the gift that takes your life to a level that you are proud of.  When you are not afraid to step up to a challenge you will find that you have the capability to accomplish way more than you thought possible, and will be able to achieve successes that are far out of reach for anyone who backs down in the face of adversity.  

So the question you have to ask yourself is this....

Do you want more for yourself or your loved ones?  Then it is imperative that you learn how to step up to life's challenges, and not back down when things get tough. I love HapKiDo Martial Arts because it teaches people to have the indomitable spirit like nothing else I have ever seen!  Take a look at your life and honestly see what is holding you back.  Is it something you could overcome with a disciplined effort? I bet it is!

RJ LoPresti
Choe's HapKiDo

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How important is the ability to focus to you? And how does Martial Arts Help?

"Always remember, your focus determines your reality."

I have been a student of the martial arts for as long as I can remember, honestly I have very few memories of my life before I started taking martial arts.  I was lucky enough to be able to get enrolled into an excellent martial arts school at a very young age, and with the support of my family and friends I stuck with it to this day, where I make a career out of helping people live better lives through the benefits of Martial Arts that I have enjoyed.  One of the character traits that was stressed in Martial Arts from the day I first stepped foot onto the mat to this day is focus.  I always learned that with focus and effort, anything we set our minds to can be accomplished.  As I grew up, I continued to train and studied people who were successful, not only in Martial Arts but in all areas of life.  One of the many things I found that was common with every successful person was the ability to focus on the right thing, and control their focus with laser like precision.

In my opinion there are two areas of focus that needs to be trained. First is the ability to develop and maintain focus, and the second is the ability to control and direct that focus.  The ability to develop and maintain focus is like the strength of a muscle, it can be trained and cultivated, and determines the level of concentration that can be mustered at will.  The ability to control and direct your focus is how you use this power of focus; intense focus in the wrong direction will of course do more harm than good. These two areas of developing focus are both important and must both be trained, they go hand in hand and must be cultivated in unison.

So the development of focus, the power of your concentration, ultimately comes down to the ability to keep a specific thought/intention/message/etc in the forefront of your mind, without being distracted or diverted away from that desired end result.  A basic example of this is if you are working on a project at work, you cannot keep checking your Facebook account to chat with people unrelated to the task at hand.  We all fall victim to this in our daily lives, and it is something that can be avoided by strengthening our ability to focus.  There are countless ways to develop focus, but for the purpose of this blog I will use Martial Arts for our examples because, well frankly, I am a Martial Artists and that is what I like to talk about :) While I will use examples from Martial Arts, it is not a far stretch of the mind to be able to relate these concepts to many other areas of life in order for everyone to benefit, whether training in Martial Arts or not.

In Martial Arts, well any good Martial Art anyways, the instructor will require their students to focus, and from the very first lesson they will begin to teach the student ways to improve and strengthen their focus.  These lessons are sometimes explicit and obvious, but many times they are subtle and the student does not even realize they are learning the secret on how to become a focus master!  There are physical techniques the students learn, such as punching and kicking, that require the student to focus in order to complete.  They have to hit a target, with the right angle and accuracy, and of course this takes physical and mental focus.  On the next level, the student has to focus in order to have the right timing and distance to execute a technique, often made even more difficult when being practiced on another participant in the class that moves and makes it their purpose to add difficulty to the proper execution out of their own self preservation.  All of this requires the student to concentrate their entire energy to accomplishing the task, and the degree of focus needed builds as the techniques grow more difficult with the student's advancement in skill and rank.  Aside from the physical techniques that require the student to develop and grow their focus, Martial Arts has many aspects of training that are less obvious but really allow the student to develop and discipline their ability to focus.  An example of this is standing at attention.  In traditional Martial Arts, when your senior or instructor talks to you, you stand at "attention."  This stance varies based on the specific system, but the concept is the same.  You stand still, with good posture and eyes focused on the instructor.  This stance allows you to focus on the instruction, and prepares the student to learn.  Standing at attention is an easy concept, but in application it is not always as easy as you may at first imagine.  After some time training though the student learns to be able to focus their bodies this way, and this discipline teaches them how to control their bodies in a way to focus on exactly what is important at that specific moment.

These are a couple basic examples, but when done over time and with increasing intensity, the effects are profound!  The next aspect of focus is the ability to control the power of the mind, to guide and direct the focus in the right direction.  The first thing to consider in the ability to control your focus, is being aware of it.  Many times in a Martial Arts class I am instructing, I asked the students if they focused, and many times their answer is yes, when in reality it was clear they were not.  Now I do not think it was the students intention to lie, but I feel that many people are truly not aware of where their focus is!  What I mean by this is that often people do not even realize when their minds wander.  The mind being flexible and able to think of things in many different ways and from different directions is a good thing, but it is important to be aware of these wanderings so that we can decide if it is beneficial or not, then decide if we should give any attention to the thoughts.  For example, the thought of "I am hungry, I have not eaten all day" may be a good thought to have, nourishing the body can help the mind work, but constantly thinking about last nights episode of Lost may not be as beneficial.  Taking an honest inventory of your thoughts and the direction your mind goes is the first step to guiding the focus of your mind toward success.

Once you have developed a powerful focus, and have an honest inventory of what your mind focuses on, you can begin to steer and guide your focus in the direction it needs to go, and this is when you can truly begin to experience amazing results.  Knowing what to focus on is the thing that sets apart individuals who excel past what those without this power of focus can even begin to imagine.  It is something that takes constant concentration, attention and effort.  You have to decide where you are going, then focus all of your efforts in that direction.  It is not an easy task, but we have seen time and time again with the Bruce Lees, Michael Jordans and Mark Cubans of the world that this type of disciplined focus yields unmatched results.

So, take the time to develop focus that has purpose and lasting power.  Focus is a muscle that has to be worked out and trained, it has to be practiced and maintained, then its strength has to be applied in the right direction to accomplish the specific tasks needed to reach the end goal you are striving toward.  Train Hard, Stay Focused and SUCCEED!!

HapKiDo Instructor

Friday, May 15, 2015

Are you a problem solver or a problem finder?

Do you know the difference between a problem solver and a problem finder?

It is all about mindset; do you think like an entrepreneur or an employee?  In this day and age the way you think plays such a HUGE role in the outcomes you experience.  The way you think about and overcome life's problems will determine the level of success you are capable of achieving.  Life will always have problems, things will always try to stand in your way, but the most successful people do not let problems stop them.  With just a slight adjustment in the way you set your mind each day you can go from someone who is controlled by your environment to a person who is in control of your environment.  Below I will outline 2 different types of mindsets, that of a problem finder and that of a problem solver.  The difference between these two things may not seem to be very profound at first, but I hope to convey the great impact this can have on your level of success!

Problem Finder:

A problem finder is someone who always sees how things are not working.  They are great at seeing things that could go wrong or could potentially not work, and they focus on these problems they found.  Problem finders always have a reason why they could not complete a certain task or assignment, and unfortunately most of the time it is something that they feel is outside of their control.  Problem finders typically feel like things are others responsibility, and will often not take action on an assignment until there are no more possible "problems" to be found.  Problem finders are very linear thinkers.  They have a mission, but when something gets in the way they stop and focus on the problem instead of a solution or way around the issue.

Problem Solver:

A problem solver is someone who is solution oriented.  Many times they work backwards in the sense that they have a desired outcome, then find a way to get there.  A problem solver understands that there will be problems, and is prepared to find a solution to problems as the arise. Being a problem solver means taking responsibility for achieving a specific result, which includes accepting responsibility for all of the problems that come up while on the way. 

Which one are you?

The main difference between a problem solver and problem finder is that problem solvers take initiative to find solutions after a problem arises and complete tasks, where as problem finders come across a problem and stop there.  The problem finder mindset is typical in the employee position.  They are given a task, then when a problem comes up they stop and bring the problem to their supervisor.  "I found a problem and cannot complete the task." 

A problem finder mindset is found in people with an entrepreneurial spirit.  They are on a mission to accomplish a specific task, and any problem that comes up is just a speed bump that they move past.  "This is the problem I ran into, this is how I overcame the problem and the job is done!" 

So whenever you are working on something and come across a problem, find a solution and move forward! Do not let problems stop you.  You will not always be able to find a solution to every problem by yourself, and asking for help is always ok, but own your problems.  Take a personal responsibility for solving problems and you will be shocked how much more productive you will be as an individual and as part of a team.  Don't go to people with problems, go to them with solutions.  Whether you are a member of a team on a project, or the owner of a business, thinking like a problem solver instead of a problem finder will allow you to excel and achieve more.  If instead of focusing on the problem you focus on finding a solution to the problem, you will be shocked at how often the solution is something you can do simply.  Doing this you will advance in your personal and profession life, and can reach the highest level of success that you know you deserve!

Cumming Georgia Karate

R.J. LoPresti
Owner, Choe's HapKiDo Martial Arts

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Why our kids need to be taught to be leaders and entrepreneurs everyone!  I would like to write a little bit about leadership, and the importance of teaching kids how to be leaders, thinkers, and entrepreneurs.  The world needs leaders, positive thinkers, and people who find a problem and instead of trying to live with it try to find a solution.  It is an unfortunate truth that so many of today's youth are not leaders; they hope to float along with the current, and when things get difficult they give up.  With that being said, I want to talk about how important it is to educate our kids that this is not the way it has to be!  Especially in the world we live in now where we can share an idea with people across the world with the click of a button!  Unfortunately kids are not being educated on how to be a leader.  We desperately NEED leaders, we need to educate an generation of problem solvers, and I want to write some words to explain why.

So, what is a leader?  Leaders come in infinite different forms, with just as many different skills and abilities.  But there are a few things that, when taught, will allow different people with different skills to become leaders, and for the sake of the future we must find a way for kids to be taught this.  I could spend hours writing about what I think makes a leader, but that is not what I am hoping to express in this post.  My wish is that by the time you finish reading this you will be inspired to become a leader, and teach others to also be leaders, and by doing this we can create a cycle of leadership development that will grow exponentially.

I believe that a few of the key things we should strive to be teaching our youth in order for them to be the exceptional leaders we need are how to be compassionate, how to have an entrepreneurial mindset, and also how to be a good follower.  I think that if people learn these things then they will take the skills they naturally have and apply them to being a leader and work on changing the world for the better. 

The first point I'd like to discuss, which is especially important when first learning how to be a leader, is being a good follower.  Leading is not about just sitting back and telling people what to do or what needs to get done, it is about lifting people up and guiding them.  Leaders get in the trenches and work with the people who they are leading, and they are an active part of what is being done.  When you are a good follower this can be done easily, if you are not able to be a follower it is difficult to do this.  Another important thing to consider is that a leader knows that they may not be the best person to lead in every situation.  Knowing how to be a follower will allow the leader to be able to work with the people they are guiding, as well as allow them to let others take the lead when the time is right.  With this they will be able to seamlessly transition between many different roles in order to be as efficient and effective as possible.

I see many people, both leaders and not, who do not know how to be a follower.  It can be clearly seen with people on sports teams, or in the workplace.  Someone who may be exceptionally skilled in their field, but they are not coachable; they don't know how to follow!  This causes many problems, because no matter how skilled the individual is, life is a team sport.  Michael Jordan said "Talent wins games; but teamwork and intelligence wins championships." I think that this means that we have to be able to work together, which often times means being a follower.  Like it or not we are all in this together, so we need to be able to be both a follower and a leader so that all of the more than 7 billion people on earth can be a cohesive team.  So to develop into the best leader possible, learn how to be a follower first, that way when the time comes that you are called up to lead you are ready!

Having the entrepreneurial mindset is the second point that I think makes the exceptional type of leader that we are looking for.  There have been many book written, videos made, and seminars taught on having an entrepreneur mindset, there is tons of information out there on how to teach people the skills that make a successful entrepreneur, but unfortunately only a small percentage of people take advantage of this materials and utilize these invaluable skills!  I think a big misconception about having the entrepreneurial mindset is that many people think that this means that they quit their stable job, start a business and work crazy hours getting their business to flourish.  Although a lot of people who have the entrepreneurial mindset do this, it is not necessary to having the mindset.  Having the mindset of an entrepreneur means that when there is a problem, or when you see something in life that you know could be better, you don't just accept it.  An entrepreneur will take this problem and find a solution; they go outside of the norms, think outside of the box and find a solution.  They have a work ethic unmatched by people who have the mindset of the "old way" and don't quit.  Failure is a learning experience, a bump in the road not a dead end.  Why are they like this?  Because they have a magical trait called PASSION!  They want things to be better, they know they can be better, and they wont stop until they are the best they can be.  It is so important for our leaders to have this mindset engrained deep in their being.  Leadership without the entrepreneur mindset often just turns dreaming; wishing for something without the follow through to back it up. 

Another invaluable trait that we need to foster in our future leaders is compassion towards others.  This is something that is too often not taught when teaching people to succeed, we stress the importance of excelling at any cost and too often what happens is we do not cultivate compassion for our fellow beings.  It is my opinion that without having compassion any level of leadership is empty, because leadership that isn't driven by the objective of improving the greater good is a waste of time.  In order to develop the type of leaders we need for there to be a bright future ahead, compassion needs to be right up there with the other leadership traits that we instill in them.  Compassion means the desire to alleviate others' suffering.  Wouldn't you agree that with a generation of leaders who wish to help those in need we could make huge strides in the advancement of mankind?  I strongly feel that compassion should be at the core of any teaching, especially those taught to kids, but it is especially critical for leaders to learn compassion because they are going to be the ones who guide us to our future.  Leadership, like any skill, can be used in negative ways just as easily as it can be used positivity, and because of this it is necessary to educate leaders on the importance of compassion to guide their leadership skill in a positive direction.

Leadership of the future requires people who know how to be a good follower, who utilize an entrepreneurial mindset and are driven by compassion.  Schools don't teach these skills in common core curriculum, but I feel that we must be teaching these traits to our youth.  We have to start making leadership education an integrated part of our youth's upbringing, and the sooner people are taught these skills the better.  Kids are amazing with their ability to learn these traits; they come naturally to kids, and it is absolutely amazing what young leaders are able to do with proper leadership training.  It is one of the most inspirational and motivational experiences when I see kids who use leadership this way.  The difference they make is astounding.

I am a martial artist, and I feel that martial arts is a great way to instill all of these qualities in our young people.  In martial arts the students are trained and required to be good followers first.  They must excel in the art of following and being guided, while at the same time they are expected to lead their junior ranks along the martial path.  Martial arts also instills in its practitioners the entrepreneurial mindset, the ability to think quickly and make decisions in a split second.  Learning to have a fighters heart is learning to think like an entrepreneur.  There is a problem and you must solve it.  Along with learning self defense in martial arts, the students are also taught compassion.  They learn to use control in order to not hurt people needlessly, they learn to serve their community and to always be seeking an opportunity to help people.  All of these are reasons why martial artists are great leaders, and we should utilize this knowledge to bring this same level of leadership training into other activities.  Take a moment and imagine what it would be like if the next generation of doctors, lawyers, engineers, athletes, teachers and CEO's were leaders who made it their goal to lead the world in a positive direction.  Now take that mental imagine and imagine 5, 10, 15 generations from now.  What type of world will it be!?!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

A story of a Happy Martial Artist - How Martial Arts Classes help me achieve a true happiness

Martial Arts Classes in CummingHappiness, like all things, is a skill that you get better at with practice.  I get the feeling through many conversations I have with people that they view happiness as something that happens to them when certain external circumstances are in place, and that it is something that will just come to them and they can enjoy.  In my opinion, this is the wrong view about happiness.  Happiness is a skill, and your external circumstances only control your happiness if you let them.  It  takes hard work and effort to be skilled in the art of happiness, and it is not easy.  I believe that because being happy is not easy, so many people find excuses for why they are not happy, and they bury themselves in misery because they are not willing to put in the work to be happy.  They claim that they cannot be happy because they do not have a certain car, or that once they reach a certain status or pay level at work then they will be happy.  I think all those types of things are just excuses people make because they do not want to admit that the only thing they have to blame for not being happy is themselves.  Below I would like to talk about how I develop happiness, and then how being a martial artist has given me the skills I use to develop my happiness into a state of being that keeps a smile on my face and in my heart!

Working for Happiness:

Be Disciplined - Being happy takes a shift in the average person's thought process.  To some people thinking in a way that fosters happiness is natural, but I would say in today's society that is unfortunately not the norm.  If you wish to be happy, then you must discipline your mind to control your thoughts.  On a daily, moment to moment basis, you have to think positive yet realistic thoughts.  Express gratitude freely and often, for even the smallest almost insignificant things. One day be grateful that it is sunny, and the next be thankful for the rain.  Thank people for the things they do for you, and most importantly thank yourself.  In order to keep these kinds of thoughts, our minds have to be very disciplined and we have to have constant effort to stay positive, if we let our guard down even for a minute, things like the media and negative people will be quick to drag you down into the depressed thought pattern that is so common these days.  Guard your mind!

Martial Arts Classes Suwanee GaBe Physically Healthy - Your health can play a huge role in your happiness!  Workout on a regular basis and your body actually changes chemically to being happier!  Eat healthy foods, real foods, not all this processed junk that most of the world is eating.  The more natural the food the better it is for you, and the healthier it will make you.  Also, make sure you are getting enough sleep!  A lack of sleep will make you physically and mentally less healthy, leading to a greater risk of not being happy!  Exercise, eat healthy, stay active and work on the body you want to have, this alone could be the key to happiness for some people!

Be Around Happiness - Last but definitely not least, be around much as possible!  If you surround yourself with people who are negative, unhappy and not seeking to improve, then you are in the wrong place!  Get around people who are happy, and you will be happier.  There are a few ways to do this.  One is to find happy people and spend time with them, and another is to create happy people; there is a lot of joy in helping others be happy!  Helping people be happy and surrounding yourself with happy people will most assuredly increase your own happiness many times over :)

How Martial Arts Helped Me:

Martial Arts Classes teach people discipline, you learn to control your emotions and your thoughts.  Traditional Martial Arts Classes are based on respect and honor, and in the practice of these things you will develop the discipline that it takes to be happy.  

As I am sure you all know, martial arts classes are also an incredible workout.  Classes will get you in great shape and lead to a healthy lifestyle.  I have known many people who when they started martial arts they were overweight, smokers, and had an awful diet.  When they decided to become martial artists they made changes in the way they lived their lives, the results of which made them much happier!

Martial Arts Johns Creek

Another great benefit of taking Martial Arts is that in a martial arts school you are surrounded by people who are working on achieving the same things you are!  They are looking for happiness and peace, and will be excited to have you as a partner on their journey!  You will be able to be around people that are happy, and as a martial artist you will be able to help others find happiness as well!  

Martial arts teaches discipline, work ethic and an indomitable spirit, all of which will help you on the journey to being the happiest person you can be!  This new found happiness will improve your friendships, relationships with family and loved ones, and will give you a self culture that is much more conducive to a great life!

Strive on toward happiness!!

 RJ LoPresti

3020 Old Atlanta Rd
Cumming, GA 30041
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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Community Service - Why it is important for Martial Arts....and everyone else! you doing enough to serve your community?  Is your life set up in such a way that you are able to work toward your goals, live the life you want to live, and help make the world a better place at the same time?  In Martial Arts Classes we teach the importance of helping others, improving ourselves and our community at the same time.  As an instructor I strive to teach my students that the reason we learn Martial Arts is to make the world a better place, and I encourage them take the skills they learn in the school out into the "real world."  By the time you are done reading this short post I hope to explain why it is important for martial arts students to serve the community, and why everyone (even those who do not practice Martial Arts) should make some changes to their lives in order to help others more.

In today's society, Martial Arts Classes are thought of as a great way to get some exercise, learn self defense and to gain character traits such as respect, honor, humility, confidence and self-discipline, to name a few.  But when thinking about the role martial arts plays in the community, and why community service is especially important in martial arts, we have look back to where traditional martial arts comes from.  Traditional Asian martial arts, the kind that most of us think about, was originally practiced by a warrior class; we think about samurai, Shaolin monks, stuff like that.  These were highly trained warriors who lived by a very strict moral code.  It was their place in society to look after the people, and make sure they were protected against threats such as foreign attack, bandits, etc.  These warriors held a high rank in society, usually right below the status of the royals.  Now fast forward to modern day America.  The chance of a bandit attack in our home town is not something that the common American has to fear, and although the modern day Martial Arts Warrior may be forced to use their fighting abilities to defend themselves or others, the chances of it happening are not what they were back in the day of the Samurai.  But this does not mean that warrior's place in society is gone!  The threats have changed, but they have not vanished.  Instead of fending off bandits armed with swords, now we must fight off the bandits of apathy and selfishness.  People who have no regard for human life or suffering.  The battlefield is now everyday life, and as a Martial Arts Warrior our mission is to help people learn to have compassion for the suffering of others, and one of the best ways to do this is through teaching the importance of community service.  The warrior's mission should be to look after the welfare of the people in our community, and although the techniques we now use may be different than it was a few hundred years ago, the skills martial arts requires still helps us to serve the greater good.

Modern day martial arts instructors and students need to step up into the role of a warrior in society.  We need to attack issues that are plaguing society with the intensity we would attack someone coming at us with a sword trying to cut off our head.  Society needs people to step up into this role; and it is a perfect fit for the martial arts warrior. 

Now you may be saying "But I don't do Martial Arts..."  that is ok.  Although I strongly believe that Martial Arts can improve anyone's life, I understand that not everyone will become a Black Belt.  That being said, anyone can attack the issuing causing our community to suffer.  If everyone made it a priority to design their lives so that they were able to help others in some way shape or form, the world would be a better place.  Try to find ways, no matter how small, to give back.  If you are a business owner, then design systems in your business that will give back to society.  You can give back with time, money, services, smiles, or guidance for people in need. Parents, make sure you are providing your children with an example that teaches them the importance of community service, give them the lessons about the value of helping others.  If possible, follow a path that allows you to have a profession that enables you serve.
Here are a few things that I think everyone can do:

1) Set a certain amount of time every month that you dedicate to helping others.  Here are a few examples, it can be volunteering at the local food bank, leading a class at your school or church, picking up trash, or planting trees in a local park.
2) Be conscious of how your actions affect others.  Are you living in a way that will not harm people and will help better society? 
3) Are you maximizing your potential?  If you are a teacher, business owner, parent, coach, or anyone with a sphere of influence, are you influencing people in a positive way?
4) Spend time on yourself.  If you are unhappy it is very difficult to help others.  Make sure you do what makes you feel good about yourself.  Spend time to improve yourself, exercise, learn, meditate, do some yoga, and don't forget to SMILE!!

If you have any other good ideas on how to better serve the community, please reach out to me.  I am always looking to learn how to do a better job :)  We have to all step up, the time is now!  Lets create a warriors class that rivals that of the Shaolin Monks of old..... Society is longing for people to fill the void and be warriors for good.  Do you have what it takes to be a modern day Martial Arts Warrior?

RJ LoPresti

3020 Old Atlanta Rd
Cumming, GA 30041
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